Reflection 3 [I-Search]

When I first asked my dad to answer some questions for my I-Search paper I was unsatisfied with his response and the fact that we had to do it over email. I wanted to have my intro and “what I know” section perfect before he got a chance to read my I-Search, which was basically all about him. I wanted to be sensitive to everything because I didn’t know how he would feel about me “exposing” so much about his life and pay cut and things of that sort. Anyway, I waited till the last week and a half and in bad timing he was preparing for a trade show (which did add to my topic to reinforce how hard they work) and that is why email communication was necessary. My dad emailed me back basically a storyline of everything I already had in my “what do I know” and some extra “where are we going” type things. I wasn’t originally going to include what is going on now and in the future, but some parts I felt added to the story and risks taken so I ended up adding the extra question “what are the current hurdles they have to overcome for future progress?” He gave me a lot of information but NOTHING about the very beginnings or the motivation behind it all. The night before the trade show he came home “early” (10 o’clock pm) and I stopped him before he went to bed and had to ask him many follow up questions pertaining closer to my topic than what he had originally sent me. That is where I got the majority of my information.

I was originally going to write about the club I’m in Timmy Global Health but I couldn’t find a question I was REALLY interested in. I knew I wanted something that interested me and I’ve always had these questions about my parents business sitting in the back of my head but being the busy family we are it never felt like the right time to sit down and ask about them. I wrote the intro and “what I know” sections and got a great response from peer readers, who also seemed genuinely interested in my topic.

Also, as I was wrapping up the beginning  of my paper (not yet mentioning anything to my parents) my dad sent me a “how we started” story about how a millionaire got his big break selling tweezers. He always sends me these articles and loves these “how we got started” stories. He told me maybe one day we can have our own for Detroit Muscle. I was like wow if that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is! That’s when I revealed my topic and told him, “Actualllyyyy that’s what my English paper is about that I need to interview you for…”

I was honestly so nervous about how he would react to my paper but his response was, “INCREDIBLE!” He told me it was very readable and just like the stories he loves to read. This was comforting to hear.

During office hours with Mrs. Jankens even just the five minute look over of my paper and the few suggestions gave me the confidence I was on the right track so I could keep writing and not question if I have the baseline concept correct. She also helped me with citing an interview which I have never done before.

Reading my classmates papers helped me to see that there is a lot of flexibility in the project but ours were all very different so there was not much to relate to. For example a peer’s form of search was via surveys and mine was via interview. We still collaborated and they gave me ideas on how to improve flow and sentence structure which I sometimes don’t catch.

Meriam chapter 5 gave me really good interview strategies which were helpful because I have never interviewed before. Even though it’s just my parents, because of the lack of time they have I had to get my questions really precise. After not getting what I wanted the first time I actually did look over my notes for the Meriam chapter 5 to narrow down questions and get a better response.  

So far I really enjoy this class. I enjoy having a break from my sciences and being able to write about things other than cellular processes, anatomy and plants. To be a learner in this class for me means to take every constructive criticism and advice and really try to improve my writing. As an undergrad bio major I haven’t been getting a ton of writing experience or time to practice writing so I want to take this class seriously and make an effort to enhance my writing skills for the future.

I believe that I accomplished the learning objectives Writting and Reflecting.

I feel like an improved writer with every paper I produce. This paper challenged me with organizational problems to the point where I didn’t even know where to put certain paragraphs. Some paragraphs I even eliminated completely. I also had to get use to incorporating many quotes though interview and properly cite them. I think I did well with adding the emotion and excitement into my writing to portray what my parent and our family actually felt as this business was launched.

Through proofreading and reflecting on my work nearing completion, I found that two paragraphs didn’t flow with the rest and I completely eliminated them. Although I had worked hard and put actual effort and thought into these paragraphs I realized they didn’t relate well with my overall thesis. Eliminating them actually made me paper stronger. I also can reflect on my process of interviewing and how it didn’t work out so well the first time and I had to further narrow down my questions till I got the answers I wanted. This knowledge will help me in the future in case I ever come across a similar situation.


2 thoughts on “Reflection 3 [I-Search]

  1. Reblogged this on Adrienne Jankens, Wayne State University and commented:
    Excellent, thorough I-search reflection

  2. This is a really excellent reflection, Amanda, because I understand all of the behind-the-scenes elements of the project. You write about a lot of it in the paper itself, but this uncovers the rest. I am so happy to read your dad was so excited about the project. It has turned out really great.

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